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California Car Insurance is a website dedicated to providing useful and updated information regarding car insurance in California. If you live in California and are searching for car insurance. We have the information you are looking for. Even if you already have auto insurance, you can research the latest developments in car insurance laws, insurance companies, or shop for a lower priced insurance provider with our car insurance quotes page. You could be paying hundreds of dollars too much on your car insurance and you’ll never know it unless you shop around and get quotes from the lowest cost car insurance companies. 

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This a website's sole purpose is to provide timely, relevant information related to car insurance in California. Some of the information found here applies to tother states, but check local laws outside California.


We are not an insurance company and don't provide car insurance. We also do not collect any personal information about you. Our advertisers and partners may ask for your personal information to give you a quote.


You can find information here that you will need to make an informed decision as you prepare to purchase auto insurance. Learn about car insurance laws, rules and regulations in the state of California.

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